Welcome to a revolution in your pursuit to a achieve the highest standards of excellence in your diving. Wether you dive recreationally  technically, rebreathers, caves, or side-mount, we offer training and equipment that supports your needs. Through UTD’s unique approach of providing a unifiedconsistentscalable and interchangeablesystem, we can help you reach your passion and dreams of achieving excellence.

It has being said that you can always spot a UTD Diver!!!

“Their personal skills are exceptional with a keen sense of situational awareness, a unified approach and a common attitude of “Team.” They are the pinnacle member of a “Thinking Team Diver””

The roots of Unified Team Diving’s philosophy and principles can be found in the Hogarthian/DIR equipment configuration and its covenants. Hogarthian was a minimalist approach to a gear configuration in the early 90’s but those that adhered to it, still kept an diving ideology of “each diver” should configure their own way. DIR built upon the Hogarthian configuration by adding an element of Standardization (late 90’s till now) – mainly because of a large scale projects such as Wakulla. However, this rigid standardization in itself lead to a narrowing of the available  “tool set” as it was only designed for open-circuit back-mounted double tanks with stage bottles and deco bottles. Any deviation from that configuration such as a single tank, side-mount or rebreather, was either excluded or “cobbled” together.

In 2007, UTD decided to take a unique direction, and build upon our roots for the previous 13 years in Hogarthian & DIR, and evolve the “system” to the next generation – “Unification.” We wanted to keep our standardization and minimalist approach with the “tool” of open-circuit back-mount (DIR) but increase the “tool set”, venturing into side-mount and CCR. Our mission and goal was to unify these three systems (configurations) into one system while remaining consistentscalable and interchangeable. We wanted to drive the industry forward, by being “inclusive” and not exclusive, by keeping the minimalist approach (Hogarthian) and standardization (DIR), however we wanted to create a unified approach to the three systems, thus expanding the number of tools in our toolbox. Keep in mind that we needed to do this while maintaining consistencyscalability and interchangeability. These are core elements in the UTD 10 covenants:

1. Unified Team Diving – The team is your backup – gas, equipment and brain.

2. The Thinking Team – No team member relies on another person or piece of equipment to make the “sole” decisions. No “trust me” dives.

3. Rock Bottom Gas Management – Every diver carries enough gas to bring two divers to the next available gas source, either the surface, a deco bottle, or stage bottle.

4. Standard Gas – Dive the desired PPO2 at the target average depth and keep the equivalent narcosis depth to 100’/30m or less. NO DEEP AIR.

5. Consistent Modular Equipment Configuration – An equipment configuration that is consistent, scalable and interchangable within the team for all types of diving and diving environments.

6. Minimalist Approach – Only take what you need for the dive.

7. Holistic – All components of the system are thought out, work together and have a solid reason behind their use and placement.

8. Streamlined and Accessible Equipment Configuration – All components can be stowed, yet are convenient to access.

9. Situational Awareness – Manage the environment, equipment and team, giving equal attention to each, never becoming fixated or inflexible. Head up, eyes open, and brain on.

10. The Proper Training and Experience for the Dive – Have the appropriate training to ensure consistent protocols and skills for the dive and understand the potential hazards. This will ensure the correct starting point to build experience.