Honduras, and especially Roatán, is one of the leading destinations in the Caribbean. Roatán is part of the Bay Islands and the reefs that surround its coasts are integrated into the Mesoamerican coral reef, the second longest on the planet. This is a destination for all tastes, from families, seeking relaxation and other activities, to […]

Extreme Scuba Makeover 27/10/19

ESM gives every diver an opportunity to learn precise buoyancy, combined with a horizontal trim position, and excellent balance. These are the hallmark of control in the water You’ll learn to effortlessly hold your position in the water, which leads to the next set of skills taught in the essentials of ….classes (propulsion, proper air […]

Maldives diving trip / November 2019

Full!!!!! Come dive the Maldives with us! We are going from November 29 to December 7, 2019! Maldives is a country formed by 1,200 small islands, distributed along 868 km, in the waters of the Indian Ocean. These coral atolls emerge from depths of more than 2,000 meters and make up a truly idyllic landscape, […]

UTD: the highest standards of excellence in your diving

Welcome to a revolution in your pursuit to a achieve the highest standards of excellence in your diving. Wether you dive recreationally  technically, rebreathers, caves, or side-mount, we offer training and equipment that supports your needs. Through UTD’s unique approach of providing a unified, consistent, scalable and interchangeablesystem, we can help you reach your passion and dreams of achieving excellence. […]